Summer Crochet Trends You Will Love

Summer, Summer, Summer Time…

Time for backyard cookouts, pool parties, and long walks on the beach, but if you are anything like me and everyday is a good day to crochet you are probably wondering where does my hook and yarn fit into all this summertime fun. No worries I got you covered with Summer crochet trends you will love and won’t have you covered in yarn.

summer crochet trends 2017

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Five Things I Wish I Knew About My Cricut Expression

You  may be wondering why I am doing a post on the Cricut Expression when the new Cricut Explore Air 2 is all the rage right now. Well here’s the thing one of my good online friends purchased the new Cricut Explore Air 2 and was kind enough to gift me her Cricut Expression.  I was super excited mainly because I wanted to be able to customize doll clothes for My Pretty Brown Doll so it was beyond awesome that she would gift me her used machine. She made it clear to me prior to sending that unlike the new model which uses online software to create designs this particular model is a stand alone machine that uses cartridges to create the designs. With that information in mind I set the machine up and was ready to create but here are

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My Love Hate Relationship With Etsy

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Etsy. You have to love it because it is the number one site for buying and selling handmade but with over 54 million members it is easy to feel like you are lost in the chaos that is now Etsy.

I heard about Etsy back in 2010 and initially joined the site as a buyer, as more people other than my family and friends started wanting to buy my crochet items I decided to launch Don’t Get It Twisted Crochet right before the Thanksgiving Holiday in 2012 and eventually had over 1000 sales in my shop.

I ended up closing that shop in 2015 and opened my current shop  My Pretty Brown Doll in January of 2016, I took a break from Etsy in March of this year and as of yesterday June 7th my shop is officially reopened for business.

To make a long story short I go through phases when I feel like my business would do better on its own platform, I question the fees Etsy charges and how it effects my bottom line the fact of the matter is after looking things over NOT being on Etsy cost me more than being on Etsy. So I am back! Things are going well so far I made $100+ in the first 24 hours and when I do my monthly review I will break down what sales came from Etsy and what sales came from other sales channels so we can compare.


Do you have a love/hate relationship with Etsy like I do? Or do you think it’s the best thing since slice bread… Let me know in the comments below.

If you are interested in selling on Etsy and would like to get your first 40 listings for free (normally $0.20 per listing) you can do by signing up through this link. Note if you do open a shop through this link I will receive 40 free listings as well.

Let’s Talk Numbers ~ May Business Review

If you have read my “Welcome Post” then you already know my ultimate goal is to be able to work my crochet business full time and I’m not talking “starving artist” full time I’m talking about doing what I love and still living a comfortable life. Like occasionally eating a steak dinner kind of comfortable. Whether or not that is actually doable is a question that I ponder quite often ultimately I have decided that for me there is no other option I want this just about as much as I want my next breath so like really really want this! Read more