This Week In My Crochet Life November 5th – 18th

As you can see from the title we are actually going to be looking at the last two weeks in My Crochet Life because yes I missed last week. I tell you I am going to have a consistent feature on this blog if its the last thing I do. So what’s been happening theRead more

October Income Report – How I Made $2800 in my Crochet Business

Crochet Business Income

I know it has been a little while since I have done an income report, August and September are both sitting in the draft folder and if you are actually reading this it means I actually got this blog post published. Yayy for me actually getting it done. If you are new to my blogRead more

This Week In My Crochet Life

So is it panic time yet? This week started the month of November and I’m seriously trying to figure out where time is going. Surprisingly enough I’m not in full fledge panic mode. I recognize that time is of the essence and I have a plan, let us just hope that things go accordingly soRead more