This Week in My Crochet Life – New Year Edition

african american crochet doll

So clearly the entire month of December was a complete blur as I crocheted like a mad woman trying to get out all my holiday orders, the blog had to take a back seat but I’m back…and rocking and rolling right into the New Year! I do hope you all had a great holiday seasonRead more

This Week In My Crochet Life November 5th – 18th

As you can see from the title we are actually going to be looking at the last two weeks in My Crochet Life because yes I missed last week. I tell you I am going to have a consistent feature on this blog if its the last thing I do. So what’s been happening theRead more

October Income Report – How I Made $2800 in my Crochet Business

Crochet Business Income

I know it has been a little while since I have done an income report, August and September are both sitting in the draft folder and if you are actually reading this it means I actually got this blog post published. Yayy for me actually getting it done. If you are new to my blogRead more