Unicorn Inspired Doll

I made a doll.

She is a Unicorn.

The prettiest unicorn doll I have ever seen.

I know I say this with almost every doll I finish that she is my favorite… but seriously this doll will definitely go down as one of my absolute favorites. I don’t know which I love more the unicorn horn or the doll but read below for the details on this beauty.

felt unicorn horn

Skin Tone: Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton – Antique Gold (Golden Brown)

Doll Style: Curvy Girl (no written pattern yet, I promise it is coming)

Eyes: 15mm safety eyes custom design by Aniqua of My Kinda Thing

Hairstyle: Loose Locs (Premiere Yarns Gelato – Strawberry)

Outfit Details: Crocheted top Caron Simply Soft Party – White, Tulle Skirt, Faux pearl gems around waist as well as around feet to create barefoot sandals

Unicorn Horn: Horn created using felt, embroidery thread and pink glitter. Attached to lace headband with faux flowers on each side of the horn.

Doll without horn stands about 15″ tall. Unicorn horn is removable as well as her skirt and top. If you have any questions about this beauty feel free to ask, if you are interested in your own custom doll you can get more information here.

unicorn inspired doll


My Crochet Business Income Report June 2017

crochet business income report

Oh it’s that scary time of month where I look at the numbers and get to see just how crazy I am to think I can actually have a business playing with yarn all day… In all honestly I went into June expecting it to be FABULOUS! June is my birthday month and regardless of what is happening in the world June has to be awesome and I am happy to report that it actually was a pretty good month!

Yes I celebrate my birthday all month but this was the highlight:

Okay enough about my birthday…

let’s talk business so a few things happened in June that definitely help to make it one of my better months. First I re-opened my Etsy shop. If you didn’t already know I have a love hate relationship with Etsy you can find out more about that here... but re – opening the shop was a must and within 24 hours of re-opening I made over a $100 so no complaints over here. I have said it once and I will say it again if you are in the business of handmade you should have a presence on Etsy. If you are new to Etsy and have not opened up shop yet use this link and get 40 free listings to at least give it a try. If you need some help navigating setting up your Etsy shop I can help you with that as well you can sign up for an Etsy consult here.

I also released two new patterns this month and did my first ever pattern bundle which really help to increase my pattern sales. Clearly y’all like bundles but seriously they were received quite well the pattern bundle can be found on both Etsy and Raverly.

crochet doll bundle

Last but not least unlike last month I did take custom doll orders this month which definitely helped to increase my overall revenue.

So what do the numbers look like:

For the month of June I made $1046.67

52 Pattern sales
3 Custom Dolls

1 Online Class sales
5 Afropuff Keychain(s)
2 Lovey Blanket(s)

My Expenses for May $411.93

Paypal Fees
Etsy Fees

Professional Development
Website Hosting

Profit for May $634.74

As you can see I more than doubled my income from last month which also meant my expenses as well as my profit increased. My focus for July is increasing my profit. Which of course means more income but also looking for ways to decrease expenses and make more passive income i.e. more pattern and online class sales.

I should also note that my blog also earned money in the month of June, I have not accounted for that in this income report because it wasn’t enough to meet the payout threshold and I like to do actual numbers. I hope to meet the payout threshold this month or at least by August but I will break down when and how the money was earned once I meet that threshold.

Red Heart Super Saver Stripes ~ Finished Project

So you remember when I did my review of Red Heart Super Saver Stripes Yarn? If you don’t you can find it here… well if you couldn’t tell I was in love then you will definitely see that I am in love now. I knew that I wanted to do an amigurumi project with the yarn so I narrowed it down to either an owl or an elephant. I went with the elephant and OMG!

Isn’t She Just The Prettiest Elephant Ever!

Red heart super saver stripes

I used Red Heart Super Saver Stripes in the colorway Flameco Stripes and it truly brought this beauty to life. I used the pattern found here and look for a full review of the pattern coming up on “pattern review Friday”.

You can watch the video of me talking about her below and although I really really wanted to keep her for myself I decided to list her in my Etsy Shop if she hasn’t already sold you can find her here.

Have you made anything with the Red Heart Super Saver Stripes yarn? I would love to see come share your projects over on Facebook at My Crochet Life!

Flamenco Stripes red heart super saver

No Sew Doll Tutu Tutorial

Quick and easy no sew tutu method I use to turn my crochet doll into  a ballerina or princess. If you are interested in the crochet doll pattern you can find it here.

Supplies Needed:

  • Ribbon
  • Tulle
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard, CD/DVD case, book (anything to wrap tulle around that will give you desired length)

supplies for no sew tutu

Step 1:

Wrap tulle around item that will give you desired length, I use an old piece of cardboard that gives me strips that are about 9 1/2″ long unfolded. If you want you tutu to be longer you can use the cardboard length wise or use a book. The size I use works well for my crochet dolls.

Step 2:

Cut tulle along one side, you will now have several strips that you can use for tutu. (Note that the tulle I am using is a smaller spool if you are using one of the larger spools of tulle you can simply wrap length wise to get the same effect.

Step 3:

Measure ribbon around doll’s waist and tie in neat snug bow. You want the ribbon to be snug around dolls waist but not super tight.

Step 4:

Fold tulle in half and insert under ribbon

Step 5:

Pull ends through hole at top of tulle and pull tightly forming a knot around ribbon

Step 6:

Continue knotting tulle around ribbon until it is at your desired fullness. I normally keep going until I can’t move the tulle along the ribbon.

That’s it, quick and easy no sew doll tutu. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. If you need the pattern for the doll you can find it here.

Happy Crafting