Yarn Review ~ Red Heart Super Saver Stripes & Ombre

red heart yarn review

If you haven’t figured out by now this is the year of self striping and gradient yarns. I think this has always been a thing for indie dyers but some of the bigger brands have finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. From Caron Cakes to Sweet Rolls and lets not forget the Sugarwheels and Mandalas you can pretty much find a self striping yarn at one of the larger craft stores.

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Caron Cakes, Premiere Sweet Rolls, and Lion Brand Mandala ~ Yarn Review

These self striping yarns seem to be the new thing right now, I mean when Caron came out when the Caron Cakes we simply could not get enough like we petition for them to bring them back after they sold out in Michaels in a matter of days.

In this video I reviewed three of the most popular ones that I was able to find the only one that I was missing that I really wanted was the Bernat Pop which I recently found and will be doing a review of in the next couple of weeks. Overall I like each of these yarns for different reasons but the Premiere Sweet Rolls are currently my favorite.

Have you tried any of these yarns? Which one do you prefer?

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