Crochet Unicorn Patterns to Work Up This Fall & Winter

So it is clearly the year of the Unicorn… no matter where you look I promise you will find something that is Unicorn inspired and of course we had to bring all that unicorn magic to the world of crochet.

My contribution to the unicorn fade includes this beauty:

unicorn inspired doll
Unicorn Inspired Crochet Doll

But if dolls are not your thing here are four Unicorn Patterns that I’m sure will have you believing in the magic of unicorns and rainbows.

Unicorn Crochet Patterns
Four Unicorn Inspired Crochet Patterns

This Unicorn Ragdoll has a lot of parts but the end result is really cute

How Cute is the Unicorn Inspired Pillow

I love Velvet Acorn Designs and this Unicorn Hood is no exception

Forget a Hood Lets Just Have a Full Unicorn Snuggle Blanket

So will you be working up any unicorn inspired projects. Let me know  in the comments below.

Happy Crocheting.

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