The Good The Bad and The Ugly of My Crochet Life

The Good: I’m making progress this is month 4 of me working my crochet business full time and I’m not homeless. That’s good, right? In all seriousness, this is my 2nd year focused solely on My Pretty Brown Doll and if I look at last year compared to this year I am definitely making stridesRead more

My Crochet Business Income Report June 2017

Oh it’s that scary time of month where I look at the numbers and get to see just how crazy I am to think I can actually have a business playing with yarn all day… In all honestly I went into June expecting it to be FABULOUS! June is my birthday month and regardless ofRead more

Etsy vs Craftsy: Digital Pattern Sales

Etsy or Craftsy where should you be selling your digital patterns that is the question… I released my very first pattern in August of 2012. It was for my signature item the Crochet Infinity Scarf  which can be found here, just in case you are interested in hooking up this beauty yourself. At the timeRead more