My Crochet Business Income Report June 2017

crochet business income report

Oh it’s that scary time of month where I look at the numbers and get to see just how crazy I am to think I can actually have a business playing with yarn all day… In all honestly I went into June expecting it to be FABULOUS! June is my birthday month and regardless of what is happening in the world June has to be awesome and I am happy to report that it actually was a pretty good month!

Yes I celebrate my birthday all month but this was the highlight:

Okay enough about my birthday…

let’s talk business so a few things happened in June that definitely help to make it one of my better months. First I re-opened my Etsy shop. If you didn’t already know I have a love hate relationship with Etsy you can find out more about that here... but re – opening the shop was a must and within 24 hours of re-opening I made over a $100 so no complaints over here. I have said it once and I will say it again if you are in the business of handmade you should have a presence on Etsy. If you are new to Etsy and have not opened up shop yet use this link and get 40 free listings to at least give it a try. If you need some help navigating setting up your Etsy shop I can help you with that as well you can sign up for an Etsy consult here.

I also released two new patterns this month and did my first ever pattern bundle which really help to increase my pattern sales. Clearly y’all like bundles but seriously they were received quite well the pattern bundle can be found on both Etsy and Raverly.

crochet doll bundle

Last but not least unlike last month I did take custom doll orders this month which definitely helped to increase my overall revenue.

So what do the numbers look like:

For the month of June I made $1046.67

52 Pattern sales
3 Custom Dolls

1 Online Class sales
5 Afropuff Keychain(s)
2 Lovey Blanket(s)

My Expenses for May $411.93

Paypal Fees
Etsy Fees

Professional Development
Website Hosting

Profit for May $634.74

As you can see I more than doubled my income from last month which also meant my expenses as well as my profit increased. My focus for July is increasing my profit. Which of course means more income but also looking for ways to decrease expenses and make more passive income i.e. more pattern and online class sales.

I should also note that my blog also earned money in the month of June, I have not accounted for that in this income report because it wasn’t enough to meet the payout threshold and I like to do actual numbers. I hope to meet the payout threshold this month or at least by August but I will break down when and how the money was earned once I meet that threshold.

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Let’s Talk Numbers ~ May Business Review

If you have read my “Welcome Post” then you already know my ultimate goal is to be able to work my crochet business full time and I’m not talking “starving artist” full time I’m talking about doing what I love and still living a comfortable life. Like occasionally eating a steak dinner kind of comfortable. Whether or not that is actually doable is a question that I ponder quite often ultimately I have decided that for me there is no other option I want this just about as much as I want my next breath so like really really want this! Read more

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Welcome to My Crochet Life…


Yolonda rocking the cute orange hat she made

Wait… what? Is this Yolonda from My Pretty Brown Doll?

Yes, yes it is… hey you guys and welcome to my new space on the world wide web. No I have not stop making brown dolls but because there is so much more to what I do than just dolls I wanted a place to share all things crochet/fiber related sooo welcome to MY CROCHET LIFE.

So what is going on over here, well it is a blog, more of a behind the scenes slash journal slash case study type blog. I wanted a place where I could talk about all the crochet things and if you follow me on my other social media particularly Periscope then you already know that one of my main goals is for me to be able to work my crochet business full time so this is the  place where I can talk about that journey, what’s working and what’s not working and some tips for some of you who may be on the same journey or thinking about whether or not it can work from you.

The case study part… so I follow craft blogger Sewrella on Instagram as well as her blog at and on that blog she talks about how she makes money from her blog and gives a whole series on how to start your own craft blog. I have decided to use this blog as a case study for the information that Sewrella provides like if I follow the information she provides step by step can I really make money from my blog. I will be doing monthly updates to let you guys know how things are going.

In any case I hope you guys stick around and come along for what I’m sure is to be an interesting ride. Can I even keep up with a blog? We are about to find out! Yeah this really is my Crochet Life!

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