A Pom Pom Party… Say whattt!!!!

Craft yarn council pom pom party

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Craft yarn council pom pom party
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Yes, you read that right it’s a party and not just any party but a Pom Pom Party! If you don’t know then you should know that I love a good pom pom. They are super fun and can be an easy way to add a pop of color or a little whimsical magic to your design. And of course as the doll designer for My Pretty Brown Doll pom poms are an important part of my signature designs.

So when I was scrolling Instagram and kept seeing #pompomparty I was like wait where the party at not that I need another reason to par-Tay 🎉 but if yarn is involved then it’s definitely my kind of party. The Pom Pom Party is being hosted by The Craft Yarn Council all of September, you can join the fun by following the Pom Pom Party on Facebook and on Instagram. They are also hosting a pompomalong September 11th – 15th to show you some cool ways to make and use your pom poms.

Afro Puff keychains


There are so many ways to make pom poms, I live by my Clover Pom Pom makers like I seriously don’t know how I was making pom poms before I got my hands on these handy gadgets. If you are ready to take your pom pom making skills to the next level then you definitely want to have these in your craft basket. You can find them here. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

So will you be joining the Pom Pom Party? Let me know what fun things you will make with pom poms this September and if you need a little inspiration you can grab the pattern for the cutest keychain ever and make a one or two puff (pom pom) Keychain.

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