Pattern Review Friday ~ The Chain Scarf

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Hey hey y’all and Happy Friday. I want to welcome you to a new feature here on the blog “Pattern Review Friday” if you haven’t figured out yet I love reviewing all the things. I hope to bring you a new review every Friday sometimes it will be of something new that I just worked up and other times it will be for something I worked up in the past.

This particular review is for a project I completed back in 2014 but is actually still one of my favorite projects particularly in the warmer months.

The pattern comes from one of my favorite books (be on the look out for a peek into my crochet library soon) I have actually completed a couple of projects from this book and still have a few of the projects on my never ending to crochet list. The book is Crochet Boutique by Rachel Oglesby – and the project I am reviewing for this one is the Crochet Chain Scarf.

Cost: Can be found on Amazon for around $9

Difficulty: This is a beginner pattern like super beginner like the pattern is mostly done with the very first stich that you learn when you learn to crochet which is the chain stitch. So if you want to perfect your chaining skills this is the pattern for you.

Why You Will Hook It: Because it is so simple but the result is so chic and it works up really quick.

Why You Will Frog It:  If you are experienced in crochet you may find the pattern to be a bit boring  but keep the end result in mind and it will keep you going.

How Many Hooks: 5 out of 5 hooks. This is a well written beginner pattern it works up quick and can be easily modified. The yarn suggestion is one that is easily attainable or substituted.

For my version I used Knit Picks Shine Worsted the orange color is called Citrus and I can’t remember the color of the green but I know it is also from the Knit Picks Shine collection. I didn’t have enough of one color to do the entire scarf in one colorway… but I am really liking the two tone and probably will do more like this in the future.


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