Etsy vs Craftsy: Digital Pattern Sales

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etsy vs craftsy for selling patterns
Etsy or Craftsy where should you be selling your digital patterns that is the question…
I released my very first pattern in August of 2012. It was for my signature item the Crochet Infinity Scarf  which can be found here, just in case you are interested in hooking up this beauty yourself. At the time I was selling finished items via my Etsy shop Don’t Get it Twisted Crochet so it just seemed logical that I would make the pattern available via my Etsy shop, to date it is one of the best business decisions I have made. Not only was the pattern a huge success but it increased my sales for finished products as well.
 I was introduced to Craftsy via an online crochet class  (yes Craftsy offers classes I will have to do another post on that) I loved the class and how interactive things were but I really didn’t explore Craftsy beyond the class aspect. One day I was searching for a pattern via Google and I kept being redirected to Craftsy I did a little research and discovered that I could in fact sell my patterns on Craftsy so I listed the scarf there as well and the response was about the same as on Etsy. So another win for me.
Crochet Infinity Scarf on Craftsy
Etsy vs Craftsy:

What I Love About Selling On Craftsy:

  • Craftsy does not charge any fees to list patterns on their site the only fees you pay are Paypal fees.
  • Craftsy  offers automatic downloads, when you purchase a pattern you will receive a link that will allow you to download the pattern in PDF format. The pattern is also available in your library on Craftsy.
  • If you make any updates you can just upload a new file and it will send the updated file to all buyers of the pattern.
  • Buyers can leave comments and pictures of projects they have made from your pattern

What Could Be Better with Craftsy:

  • Craftsy only accepts Paypal, this is probably the reason that they don’t charge fees to the seller but you if your customer does not use Paypal then you lose the sale.
  • Craftsy does not get as much traffic, I love the Craftsy platform and actually visit several times a week if not daily but I am still surprised of the number of people who don’t know about the platform.

What I Love About Selling On Etsy:

  • Well it’s Etsy you know the handmade Marketplace. Traffic will always be the thing that Etsy has over other platforms
  • Like Craftsy Etsy also offers automatic downloads as well as automatic updates if the seller updates the files.
  • Etsy accepts all forms of payment including Paypal
  • You can sell finished items on Etsy, so someone who may have found my shop via the pattern but doesn’t necessarily want to make the item can order the finished product via my shop.

What Could Be Better With Etsy:

  • Etsy fees, Etsy charges $0.20 per listing as well as a transaction fee for using the Etsy Payment Processor, it doesn’t seem like much at first but it can definitely add up.

So which platform should you sell your digital patterns on?

Both! I currently have 4 patterns available you can see them all here, I usually direct my traffic to Craftsy but actually get more sales on Etsy. It doesn’t hurt anything to sell on both platforms I mean a sale is a sale whether it came via Etsy or Craftsy.

Do you sell patterns on either platform? Which do you like best let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “Etsy vs Craftsy: Digital Pattern Sales

  1. Very nice post!
    I would just add to Craftsy’s downsides that there is a very unclear search algorythm which makes it almost impossible to do any SEO for one’s listings. I’m still confused with how their search and filtering work. I sell my patterns there since 2013, and everything was alright until they changed the site design in 2016. Then my sales dropped noticeably…
    If you have any ideas on how to get patterns found in search – I’d love to hear from you!

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